Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, as of yesterday my numbers went up to over 770. I'm having a few symptoms. However, they might just be related to the and estroge.n patches I'm still taking. I switched over to the suppositories for the prog. My ass had started developing cyst-like welts at every injection site. I had been getting two shots every day - that got to be a bit too much. Now I just have to stick the little pill up my hoo-ha 3 times a day. My RE doesn't want me back for a third round of bloodwork this week. I was pleasantly surprised at that. I asked to go in for more bw next week just to make sure things still look ok. My ultrasound is on the 13th. I will feel much better once that is over. I will be 7 weeks then. When I had my u/s back in July, I was supposed to be 8 weeks and there was no baby or heartbeat. I just want to get beyond that stage this time.


Nicole said...

I have all my fingers crossed for you my friend. We all do, I am sure of it. The waiting game is so very painful.

Hekateris said...